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KiTa Alpenquai

Müsliburg Alpenquai

The Müsliburg Alpenquai is the smallest location of all and can accommodate a smaller group of children (max. 16 children). In this way it is possible to create a trusting relationship between the children, parents and carers, which leads to a very familiar and harmonious atmosphere. Through regular exchange with the parents, we can arrange extremely individual support and care for the children.

We value the needs of children and use the perfect environment for this, which is characterized by its direct location on the lake and its proximity to the forest. We believe that children today already have a lot of program items on their daily schedule. That is why we focus on being together and the stimuli of nature.

Alpenquai is also characterized by its easily accessible location with all means of transport and by foot.

Just as important as the loving care of the children is the interaction within the team. A respectful manner and close cooperation of our team has the highest priority.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

7.30 a.m. until 6.00 p.m.


Silja Renggli

041 361 14 40

Email to Silja Renggli


Müsliburg GmbH

Landenbergstrasse 2

6005 Lucerne


contact details:

Here we romp and laugh!

We have a         for children!

Silja Renggli

Daycare management and prospective

qualified childhood educator

since 2013 at Müsliburg

Michelle Wyssling

Deputy daycare manager

Specialist support

since 2018 at Müsliburg

Adam Semaf

Specialist support

at Müsliburg since 2023

Gresa Rrahmani

Specialist support

3rd year of training

Karina Rodriguez

Specialist support

2nd year of training

Isra Hasani

Specialist support

1st year of training

Chiara Gruber


Colombina del Tufo


since 2018 at Müsliburg

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