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mission statement


The KITA Müsliburg  is available to all children, infants and their parents, regardless of their cultural and religious background. The children's cultural, religious and family backgrounds are accepted, respected and integrated.


We perceive the children as independent personalities and respond to their individual needs, characteristics and wishes.

Support financially

Each child is individually encouraged in the linguistic, cognitive, creative and motor areas. We value participation and encourage the children to be independent.

close to nature

We attach great importance to the fact that the children can move freely in nature in all weathers.


We pay attention to a balanced, healthy and seasonal diet.


We maintain a trusting, open and honest relationship with the parents and respond to their concerns in the best possible way.


We attach great importance to discussions with parents in order to satisfy the needs of both sides.


We treat parents with empathy and understanding. We try to implement the wishes and needs of the parents based on the company guidelines.


We pay attention to respectful and open interaction among the team members. With a lot of joy and vigour, we create a varied daily routine.


Our professionally trained FABE'S/KKE'S complete regular further training.


We are committed to transparent and open cooperation. We pay particular attention to working in a team. At each location, interns and apprentices are individually trained and supported by qualified specialists.


The cooperation with our partners and suppliers is well organized. Internal cooperation between our four different locations is also important to us.


We wish for smooth cooperation with the authorities, suppliers and partners.


We work socially and economically, the company finances itself.

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